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This profile is for my personal costumes only. I have my commissioned costumes over on my cosplay.com profile of the same name!

I'm interested in Art and Japanese, I am a Black Belt in (ITF) Taekwondo, and I really love martial Arts. I love to cosplay, and I love comics. I tend to obsess over things and I'm easily stressed out. I think about 75% of the food I ingest is some form of chocolate. I love singing, but my intense stage fright keeps anyone from hearing me! My weakness is that I don't sleep enough and I have way to much stuff to do ALL THE TIME. ^^

My dream cosplay is Silk Spectre II from the movie (yay sheet latex!) and I'm saving up for it now!

*FACEBOOK* http://www.facebook.com/pages/NightLotus-Cosplay/124174670978267

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Nightlotus says, "Thank you! A lot of people don't realize what it's supposed to be! At con's people want photos of everyone in the group but not me! :("
For Snorlax from Pokemon
CeruleanDraco says, "at first i was like "HOW is this snorlax?" then i clicked and went " *o* " that dress is too AWESOME!!!"
For Snorlax from Pokemon
BangBangNeko says, "You WON!!!! Congrats!!!! "
For Luca Truelywaath from Ar tonelico II