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Hi! I'm from Colorado! I first got (seriously) into cosplay in 2010, before that I would attend my classes in High School in cosplay! They were only closet cosplays though. My very first costume, that I put together (That wasn't a closet cosplay, that I actually put work into), was Severus Snape back in 2006. I thought it sucked so I quit after that. Three years later in 2009 I met my best friend and she got me back into it. She inspired me to do so much, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be part of the cosplay community today. I consider 2010 to be the year I "officially" started cosplaying because she "challenged" me to go bigger on my cosplays and go beyond just closet cosplays. Aside from cosplaying, I'm a (student) photographer and I write poetry. :D

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