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Welcome to the wig database! Here you can find information on all the major wigs cosplayer use. If you've ever had trouble finding or choosing a wig for your costume, you can get help by seeing what other ACParadise members have used, along with reviews and styling notes. You can also leave feedback and notes on the different brands to help your fellow cosplayer choose the best wig for their costume.
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Recent Wigs by ACParadise Users
Newly added Wigs
Wig Brand
30" Iris Epic Cosplay 03-18-2024
30" Iris Epic Cosplay 12-25-2023
15" Curly Diana Epic Cosplay 11-30-2023
Center Part Long Airily 04-21-2023
Whitney Arda Wigs 03-23-2023
15" Straight Short Epic Cosplay 03-06-2023
Nigel Arda Wigs 02-20-2023
Genji Coscraft 02-01-2023
Shaman King Anna Kyoyama thick side parted layered wig. 55cxm Kasou Wigs 01-27-2023
Viktor Arda Wigs 01-17-2023
Unknown Spirit Halloween 01-08-2023
Nerd Rubies 09-13-2022
Aion Epic Cosplay 08-03-2022
Harley Quinn Arda Wigs 06-08-2022
Hera 38" Wavy Epic Cosplay 04-24-2022
L-2 Long straight wig Kasou Wigs 04-21-2022
16" Aura Epic Cosplay 03-27-2022
16" Aura Epic Cosplay 03-27-2022
Gwendolyn Arda Wigs 02-14-2022
Rei Ayanami MicCostumes 12-12-2021
D.Va Hana Song Cosplay Wig MicCostumes 11-03-2021
12" Straight Epic Cosplay 10-30-2021
Game Ann Panther Persona The Five Wits 07-12-2021
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Snake Light Field EZCosplay 07-11-2021
Claire Arda Wigs 05-30-2021
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  1. Arda Wigs (5222 Wigs)
  2. Unknown (2059 Wigs)
  3. Epic Cosplay (1346 Wigs)
  4. New Look (676 Wigs)
  5. Cosworx / Cosplay.com (544 Wigs)
  6. Fantasy Sheep (493 Wigs)
  7. Cosplay-Wig (450 Wigs)
  8. Amphigory (394 Wigs)
  9. Lucaille (294 Wigs)
  10. Ayanamisatoru / greatarchy09 (220 Wigs)
All Wig Brands
Here are a list of all wig brands available on ACParadise. Click on a name to get more information about the company.