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Hello! My name is Kevin and I'm a cosplayer from Florida. I've been cosplaying since 2001. I'm a total nerd, drunkard, and gamer. I prefer to make costumes that I like or are challenging over costumes that are popular. I do all my own sewing and prop work and I find that the things that take the longest are pattern drafting, sketching out the pieces to be made, and seam ripping. Also I am obsessed with french seams.

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envirion says, "omg yay XCOM!! Is that the laser rifle?"
For Rookie from XCOM: Enemy Unknown
etaru says, "I am so impressed with this every time I see it! You put so much heart into this outfit!!"
For Masaru Kato from Gantz
Colombian_Otaku says, "YES!!! ALL OF MY YES!!!!!!!!"
For Masaru Kato from Gantz
Cobheran says, "Thank you so much! ^_^"
For Masaru Kato from Gantz
Cobheran says, "Thank you! And if I must say dude I am LOVING the pics you're posting from Katsu!"
For Masaru Kato from Gantz