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Convention Database
Welcome to the ACE Convention Database - here you can find information on different conventions that ACE members have gone to. If a convention hasn't happened yet, you can find out who is going and plan photoshoots.
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South America
Name Category
Anime Center Anime/Manga
Anime Dreams Anime/Manga
Anime Festival Anime/Manga
Anime Festival Deluxe - Otaku Yakuza Anime/Manga
Anime Festival Otaku Yakuza Anime/Manga
Anime Friends Anime/Manga
Anime Plus Mega Edição Anime/Manga
Anime-Expo Chile Anime/Manga
Café Harajuku Anime/Manga
Convencion Avalancha Anime/Manga
Jornadas Manga y Anime Anime/Manga
Kodama Cosplay Reunion Anime/Manga
Montevideo Comics Anime/Manga
Otakutón Anime/Manga
SANA Fest Anime/Manga
Superherocon Anime/Manga
Convention List
Schedule for June 2023 (USA)
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  2. Anime LA 2023 (6 Members)
  3. Anime Expo 2023 (5 Members)
  4. MAGfest 2023 (5 Members)
  5. Anime Boston 2023 (3 Members)
  6. Holiday Matsuri 2023 (2 Members)
  7. FanimeCon 2023 (2 Members)
  8. Tekko 2023 (2 Members)
  9. Derpycon 2023 (1 Members)
  10. Otakon 2023 (1 Members)