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Convention Database
Welcome to the ACE Convention Database - here you can find information on different conventions that ACE members have gone to. If a convention hasn't happened yet, you can find out who is going and plan photoshoots.
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Name Category
(Re)Generation Who Sci-Fi/Fantasy
A & G Ohio Anime/Manga
A-Kon Anime/Manga
Adventurecon Anime/Manga
AFX Akiba Fest Anime/Manga
Ahn!Con Anime/Manga
Akai Con Anime/Manga
Aki-Con Anime/Manga
Akibafest Anime/Manga
Akihabara Expo Anime/Manga
Albuquerque Comic Expo Comic/Gaming
ALL-CON Anime/Manga
AM2 Anime/Manga
Amazing Arizona Comic Con Comic/Gaming
AnachroCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ancient City Con Comic/Gaming
Ani-Jam Anime/Manga
Ani-magic / Autumn Dream Anime/Manga
Ani-Me Con Anime/Manga
Animaine Anime/Manga
Animarathon Anime/Manga
Animate Florida Anime/Manga
Animate! Miami Anime/Manga
Animation On Display Anime/Manga
Animazement Anime/Manga
Anime Alabama Anime/Manga
Anime America Anime/Manga
Anime Apocalypse Anime/Manga
Anime Austin Anime/Manga
Anime Banzai Anime/Manga
Anime Blast Chattanooga Anime/Manga
Anime Blues Con Anime/Manga
Anime Blues Con Winterfest Remix Anime/Manga
Anime Bonanza Anime/Manga
Anime Boston Anime/Manga
Anime California Anime/Manga
Anime Central Anime/Manga
Anime Conji Anime/Manga
Anime Crossroads Anime/Manga
Anime Days: Sabakon Anime/Manga
Anime Destiny Anime/Manga
Anime Detour Anime/Manga
Anime Expo Anime/Manga
Anime Expo New York Anime/Manga
Anime Express Anime/Manga
Anime Fest Anime/Manga
Anime Festival Orlando / AFO Anime/Manga
Anime Festival Wichita Anime/Manga
Anime Frontier Anime/Manga
Anime Fusion Anime/Manga
Anime Impulse Anime/Manga
Anime Iowa Anime/Manga
Anime Kaigi Anime/Manga
Anime LA Anime/Manga
Anime Magic Anime/Manga
Anime Matsuri Anime/Manga
Anime Mid-Atlantic Anime/Manga
Anime Midwest Anime/Manga
Anime Milwaukee Anime/Manga
Anime NebrasKon Anime/Manga
Anime Next Anime/Manga
Anime North Texas Anime/Manga
Anime NYC Anime/Manga
Anime Oasis Anime/Manga
Anime Overload Anime/Manga
Anime Pasadena Anime/Manga
Anime Punch Anime/Manga
Anime Salt Lake Anime/Manga
Anime School House Rock Anime/Manga
Anime South Anime/Manga
Anime SouthEast Anime/Manga
Anime St. George Anime/Manga
Anime St. Louis Anime/Manga
Anime Supercon Anime/Manga
Anime Syracuse Festival Anime/Manga
Anime USA Anime/Manga
Anime Vegas Anime/Manga
Anime Weekend Atlanta Anime/Manga
Anime World Expos Anime/Manga
Anime Zap Anime/Manga
Anime Zing Anime/Manga
Anime-Con Anime/Manga
AniMegaCon Anime/Manga
AnimeiCon Anime/Manga
Animeland Otaku Mex Anime/Manga
Animeland Remonedo Anime/Manga
Animeland Tucon Anime/Manga
Animeland Wasabi Anime/Manga
AnimeNEXT Anime/Manga
AnimeWorld Chicago Anime/Manga
AnimeWorld Indianapolis Anime/Manga
AniMinneapolis Anime/Manga
AniMix Anime/Manga
Aniwave Anime/Manga
AniZona Anime/Manga
Anomaly Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Another Anime Convention Anime/Manga
Anthrocon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Aoi Uma Con Anime/Manga
Archon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Arisia Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Arkansas Anime Festival Anime/Manga
ASAHi-Con Anime/Manga
Aselia Con Comic/Gaming
Asheville Anime Regional Convention Anime/Manga
Atlanta Anime Day Anime/Manga
Atlanta Comics Expo Comic/Gaming
Atlanta Sci Fi and Fantasy Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Atlanta Supercon Anime/Manga
Atsui-con Anime/Manga
Aurora-Con Anime/Manga
AUSAM-Con Anime/Manga
Awesome Con D.C. Anime/Manga
Bak-Anime Anime/Manga
Bakersfield Comic Book Convention Anime/Manga
Bakuretsu Con Anime/Manga
Balticon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Baltimore Comicon Comic/Gaming
BAMCon Anime/Manga
Banzaicon Anime/Manga
BanzaiKon Anime/Manga
Bara No Toshi Anime/Manga
Baycon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bayoucon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bellecon Anime/Manga
Bent Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Big Apple Anime Fest Anime/Manga
Big Apple Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Big Wow Comic Festival Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bishie Con Anime/Manga
BlizzCon Comic/Gaming
Bokudou-con Anime/Manga
Boston Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Boston Greater Anime Expo Anime/Manga
BotCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Brony Fan Fair Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Bronycon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Broward Anime Festival Anime/Manga
C-Kon Anime/Manga
Capital Con DC Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Capricon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Carolina Anime Day Anime/Manga
Castle Point Anime Convention Anime/Manga
CGA Show Comic/Gaming
CharaExpo USA Anime/Manga
Charlotte Comicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
ChattaCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
ChessieCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Chibi-Pa Anime/Manga
Chibi-Pa Sampler Anime/Manga
Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo / C2E2 Anime/Manga
Chicago Tardis Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Chiisaicon Anime/Manga
Chizu Con Anime/Manga
CHS Otaku Fest Anime/Manga
Classic Gaming Expo Comic/Gaming
Clovercon Anime/Manga
Coast Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Colorado Anime Fest Anime/Manga
ColossalCon (Cleveland) Anime/Manga
Colossalcon East Anime/Manga
Colossalcon North Anime/Manga
Comic & Media Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Comic-Con / San Diego Comic Con International Comic/Gaming
ComiCONN Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Comicpalooza Comic/Gaming
Comikaze Expo / Stan Lee Comic/Gaming
Con Carolinas Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Con+Alt+Delete Anime/Manga
Con-Jikan Anime/Manga
Con-nichiwa Anime/Manga
ConBust Sci-Fi/Fantasy
CONduit Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Conestoga-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Conglomeration Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Conjecture Anime/Manga
ConnectiCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Connichiwa Anime/Manga
Connooga Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Convergence Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Copper Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
CosCon Anime/Manga
Cosplacon Anime/Manga
Cosplay America Anime/Manga
Cosplay Snow Festival Anime/Manga
Costume Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Crisiscon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Crunchyroll Expo Anime/Manga
DAiCon Anime/Manga
DaigaCon Anime/Manga
DaishoCon Anime/Manga
DashCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Daycon Clarksville Anime/Manga
Decepti-Kon Anime/Manga
Delta H Con Anime/Manga
Demicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Denver Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Derpycon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Dragon*Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
DrakeCon Anime/Manga
E For All Expo Comic/Gaming
East Meets South Anime/Manga
El Paso Anime Convention Anime/Manga
Electronic Entertainment Expo / E3 Comic/Gaming
Emerald City Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Encounters Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Erie Anime Experience Anime/Manga
Escapist Expo Comic/Gaming
EvilleCon Anime/Manga
EXP Con / Anime X Gamer Experience Anime/Manga
Faerie Con International Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fan Expo Dallas (Dallas Comic Con) Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fan World Comic/Gaming
FAN:dom Anime/Manga
Fandemonium Sci-Fi/Fantasy
FANdom Con Anime/Manga
FandomFest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
FanimeCon Anime/Manga
Fannatiku Fest / Anime Fannatiku Anime/Manga
FantaSciCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fantom Fest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Farpoint Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fieldcon Anime/Manga
Florida Anime Experience Anime/Manga
Florida Comic-con Anime/Manga
Florida Supercon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Flower City Comic Con Anime/Manga
Freecon Anime/Manga
Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Further Confusion Sci-Fi/Fantasy
G-FEST Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Galaxy Fest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Gallifrey One Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Game On Expo Comic/Gaming
GaoKon Anime/Manga
Gathering Of The Gargoyles Sci-Fi/Fantasy
GaymerX Comic/Gaming
Geek Girl Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Geek Media Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Geek.Kon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Gen Con Comic/Gaming
Gen Con Indy Comic/Gaming
Genericon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Glass City Con / GarasuNoShiCon Anime/Manga
Gobble-Con Anime/Manga
GoDaikoCon / Anime Detroit Anime/Manga
Granite State Comicon Comic/Gaming
Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous Comic/Gaming
Hamacon Anime/Manga
Hanadoki Con Anime/Manga
Hartford Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Harucon Anime/Manga
Hatsume Fair Anime/Manga
HazardCon Anime/Manga
Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Heroes Convention Comic/Gaming
Holiday Matsuri Anime/Manga
Horrorfind Weekend Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Hoshicon / UNCC JAMS Spring Expo Anime/Manga
Houkocon Anime/Manga
Hurricane Who Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Hydra Comic Con Anime/Manga
Hyper-Con Anime/Manga
I-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ichibancon Anime/Manga
Ikasucon Anime/Manga
Ikkicon Anime/Manga
Image Expo Comic/Gaming
Imagicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Inochicon Anime/Manga
Izumicon Anime/Manga
JACON Anime/Manga
JAFAX Anime/Manga
JAMPcon Anime/Manga
JaniCon / ZonaCon Anime/Manga
Japan Expo USA Anime/Manga
Japantown Anime Faire / JTAF Anime/Manga
Jaycon Anime/Manga
JemCon Comic/Gaming
JRock Connection Anime/Manga
Kaboombash Anime/Manga
Kaisen Anime Convention Anime/Manga
Kajonk-a-Con Comic/Gaming
Kameha Con Anime/Manga
Kami-Con Anime/Manga
Kamikazecon Anime/Manga
Kantaicon Anime/Manga
Karoshi-Con Anime/Manga
Katsucon Anime/Manga
Kawa Kon Anime/Manga
Kawaii Kon Anime/Manga
Kazecon Anime/Manga
KCON Anime/Manga
KCON NY Comic/Gaming
Khaotic Kon Anime/Manga
Kin-Yoobi Con Anime/Manga
Kintoki-con Anime/Manga
KiraKira Con Anime/Manga
Kitsune Kon Anime/Manga
Knightrokon Anime/Manga
Kollision Con Anime/Manga
Kotoricon Anime/Manga
Kraken-Con Fall Anime/Manga
Kraken-Con Spring Anime/Manga
Kumoricon Anime/Manga
Kunicon Anime/Manga
KuroKiiro Festival Anime/Manga
KuroNeko Con Anime/Manga
Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Las Cruces Anime Days Anime/Manga
LeakyCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Liberty City Anime Convention Anime/Manga
Llamacon Anime/Manga
Long Beach Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Long Island Doctor Who Sci-Fi/Fantasy
LosCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
LouisiAnime Anime/Manga
LumaCON Anime/Manga
Lumos Sci-Fi/Fantasy
LVL Up expo Anime/Manga
Macross World Anime/Manga
Madicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
MAGfest Comic/Gaming
Magic City Comic Con Anime/Manga
MAGWest Comic/Gaming
MangaNEXT Anime/Manga
Maple Gel Con Anime/Manga
Marcon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
MarsCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Matsuricon Anime/Manga
MechaCon Anime/Manga
MegaCon Comic/Gaming
Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Meta Con Anime/Manga
Metreon Festival of Anime Anime/Manga
Metrocon Anime/Manga
MEWcon Anime/Manga
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) Anime/Manga
MidOhioCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Midoricon Anime/Manga
MidSouthCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Midwest Media Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Mikkakan Anime/Manga
Mikomicon Anime/Manga
Mile High Con Anime/Manga
Mini MegaCon Comic/Gaming
Minicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Minneapolis Anime Convention (Kakkoicon) Anime/Manga
Miraicon Anime/Manga
Miscon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Mississippi Anime Festival Anime/Manga
Mizu Con Anime/Manga
Mizuumi-Con Anime/Manga
Mobicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Mokucon Anime/Manga
MomoCon Anime/Manga
MonsterCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Motaku Anime/Manga
My Little Ponycon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
MyHeroCon: Texas Smash Anime/Manga
Mythicon Anime/Manga
Naka-Kon Anime/Manga
Nakamacon Anime/Manga
Nan Desu Kan Anime/Manga
NarutoTrek Anime/Manga
NashiCon Anime/Manga
Natsucon Anime/Manga
Nauticon Anime/Manga
Necronomicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
NekoCon Anime/Manga
Nerdacon Anime/Manga
Nerdtacular Comic/Gaming
New Jersey Comic Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
New York Anime Festival Anime/Manga
New York Comic Con Comic/Gaming
New York International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creators Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Newcon PDX Anime/Manga
Niagara Falls Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Ninja-con Anime/Manga
No Brand Con Anime/Manga
North Carolina Comicon Comic/Gaming
Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Numa Rei-No Con Anime/Manga
NyanCon Anime/Manga
O-Chibi Con Anime/Manga
O-Conn Anime/Manga
OhayoCon Anime/Manga
Ohio Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Okashicon Anime/Manga
OmegaCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
OMGcon Anime/Manga
Omni Expo Anime/Manga
Omnicon Anime/Manga
Oni-Con Anime/Manga
OnnaFest Anime/Manga
Origins Game Fair Comic/Gaming
Otakon Anime/Manga
Otakon Vegas Anime/Manga
Otaku Omaha Anime/Manga
OtakuCon Miami Beach Anime/Manga
Pacific Media Expo Anime/Manga
ParaCon: Anime Festival Comic/Gaming
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) Comic/Gaming
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX South) Comic/Gaming
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX West) Comic/Gaming
Persacon Anime/Manga
Philcon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Phoenix Anime Fest Anime/Manga
Phoenix Comicon Comic/Gaming
Phoenix Fan Fest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Pittsburgh Comicon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Play On Con Comic/Gaming
Playstation Experience Comic/Gaming
Playthrough Gaming Convention Comic/Gaming
Pokettokon Anime/Manga
PopCult Anime con Anime/Manga
PortConMaine Anime/Manga
PotterVerse Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Powerhouse Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Providence Anime Conference Anime/Manga
Puerto Rico Comic Con Anime/Manga
QC Anime-zing! Anime/Manga
Queen City Anime Con Anime/Manga
Queen City Kamikaze / Kamecon Anime/Manga
Quinni-Con Anime/Manga
Radiant Northwest Comic/Gaming
Ramencon Anime/Manga
RavenCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Reactor Anime/Manga
RealmsCon Anime/Manga
RECCA Con Anime/Manga
Retro Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rhode Island Comic Con Comic/Gaming
Ring of Fire Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rose City Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
RoundCon Anime/Manga
Running Of The Leaves Con Anime/Manga
Sabakon Anime/Manga
Sabaku Con Anime/Manga
Saboten-Con Anime/Manga
Sac-Anime Summer Anime/Manga
Sac-Anime Winter Anime/Manga
Sac-Con Spring Anime/Manga
Sac-Con Summer Anime/Manga
Sac-Con Winter Anime/Manga
SaikouCon Anime/Manga
Sakura-con Anime/Manga
San Francisco Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Sangawa Project Anime/Manga
SanJapan Anime/Manga
Santa Rosa Toy Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
SC Comicon Comic/Gaming
Screw Attack Gaming Convention Comic/Gaming
Seishun-con Anime/Manga
Senshi-con Anime/Manga
Setsucon Anime/Manga
Shadocon Anime/Manga
SheVaCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Shikacon Anime/Manga
Shikkaricon Anime/Manga
Shimakon Anime/Manga
ShinbokuCon Anime/Manga
Shine Con Anime/Manga
Shinkoucon Anime/Manga
Shiokazecon Anime/Manga
Shore Leave Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Shoujocon Anime/Manga
Shumatsucon Anime/Manga
Shuto Con Anime/Manga
SiliCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Silicon Valley Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
SITAcon Anime/Manga
SNAFU Con Anime/Manga
SoDak Anime Convention Anime/Manga
SOE Fan Faire Comic/Gaming
Sogen Con Anime/Manga
Sonicon Anime/Manga
Southern Fried Pop Culture and Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Southwest Animation Conference & Expo Anime/Manga
Special Edition: NYC Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spooky Empire Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spring Anime Kaiju Experience Anime/Manga
SpringFest NY Anime/Manga
Star Trek Convention Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Star Wars Celebration Sci-Fi/Fantasy
StarBase Indy Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Starfest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steamcon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steamposium Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steampunk Industrial Revolution Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steampunk World\'s Fair Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Steel City Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
StellarCon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Stockton-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Sugoicon Anime/Manga
Sugoku Con Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Anniston Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Athens Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Destin Anime/Manga
Sukoshi-con: Mobile Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Auburn Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Birmingham Anime/Manga
Sukoshicon: Louisville Anime/Manga
Super Dimension Convention Anime/Manga
Super Megafest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Super Sac-Con Anime/Manga
Super-con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Swampcon Anime/Manga
T-Mode Anime/Manga
Taiyou Con Anime/Manga
Tales of Anime Anime/Manga
TandokuCon Anime/Manga
Tekko Anime/Manga
Templecon Comic/Gaming
The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational (TAKII) Anime/Manga
Tigercon Anime/Manga
TimeGate Sci-Fi/Fantasy
TitanCon Anime/Manga
Tokyo in Tulsa Anime/Manga
Tomodachi Fest Anime/Manga
ToraCon Anime/Manga
Tosho-con Anime/Manga
Totemcon Anime/Manga
Touhoucon Comic/Gaming
Triad Anime Con Anime/Manga
Tsubasacon Anime/Manga
Tucson Comic-Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Tupelo Comic-Con Anime/Manga
Twitchcon Comic/Gaming
UBCon Comic/Gaming
Uchi-con Anime/Manga
Ultima Con Anime/Manga
Ultracon Anime/Manga
Umicon Anime/Manga
Unplugged Expo Comic/Gaming
Ushicon Anime/Manga
VA Comicon Comic/Gaming
Vericon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
VGExpo Comic/Gaming
Visioncon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Wausaubicon Anime/Manga
Weebcon Anime/Manga
Wicked Faire Anime/Manga
Wine Country Comic Con Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Winter Shoppingland Anime/Manga
Wizard World Anaheim Comic/Gaming
Wizard World Atlanta Comic/Gaming
Wizard World Chicago Comic/Gaming
Wizard World Cleveland Anime/Manga
Wizard World Las Vegas Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Wizard World Miami Comic/Gaming
Wizard World New England Comic/Gaming
Wizard World New Orleans Comic/Gaming
Wizard World Philadelphia Comic/Gaming
Wizard World Pittsburgh Anime/Manga
Wizard World Portland Anime/Manga
Wizard World Sacramento Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Wizard World Tulsa Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Wonder Northwest Anime/Manga
WonderCon Comic/Gaming
Wonderfest Sci-Fi/Fantasy
World Steam Expo Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Worldcon Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Yama-Con Anime/Manga
Yamaneko Con Anime/Manga
Yaoi Jamboree Anime/Manga
Yaoi-con Anime/Manga
Yasumicon Anime/Manga
Youmacon Anime/Manga
YuleCon Anime/Manga
Yuricon Anime/Manga
Yushi-Con Anime/Manga
Zenkaikon / KosaiKon Anime/Manga
Zipcon Anime/Manga
Convention List
Schedule for September 2023 (USA)
Entries in Yellow = ACE Coverage

Popular Upcoming Cons
  1. Colossalcon North 2023 (1 Members)
Most Attended Cons for 2023
  1. Katsucon 2023 (9 Members)
  2. Anime Expo 2023 (6 Members)
  3. Anime LA 2023 (6 Members)
  4. MAGfest 2023 (5 Members)
  5. Anime Boston 2023 (4 Members)
  6. Dragon*Con 2023 (3 Members)
  7. Otakon 2023 (2 Members)
  8. Zenkaikon / KosaiKon 2023 (2 Members)
  9. FanimeCon 2023 (2 Members)
  10. Tekko 2023 (2 Members)