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Hi everyone! I started cosplaying in 2005 and have been doing so ever since. My cosplay alias "Kapalaka" came from two sources: Golduck (one of my favorite Pokémon and it is a kappa), and gibberish my high school best friend used to attach to my first name. We would come up with silly names added onto each other's first names. The more ridiculous, the better. He called me Cristini, Ku-ristana, etc, the most elaborate of which was Cristanalakakanatini. This was around the time I was looking to create a committable and unique screenname and "Kapalaka" was the winner! ^_~

I earned my Master's degree in Architecture. Before I was accepted into grad school I majored in theatre, specifically, set and costume design.

Whenever I'm NOT cosplaying, I'm probably watching anime, playing video games, dodging schoolwork, or hanging out with some friends. Oh! And trying to get my hands on boba tea, of course. In fact, I'm going to go grab some right NOW. Leave a message!

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