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Hey there, everyone! The name's Mario Bueno and I've been an Anime fan since 2000, con-goer since 2001, and a cosplayer since 2002. I'm an actor and vocalist who's been able to make strides towards a professional entertainment career thru numerous singing performances and web videos over the years...all of which happened because of cosplay.

tl;dr - I've been doing this a while and mixing a hobby of mine with my passion for performance. Thanks to that I'm on my way to the pros, and I look to achieve my dreams with a little hard work and guts! ^_^

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Ophilliaxiii says, "Is this still for sale?"
For Tidus from Final Fantasy X
R2J says, "You. Are the Batman"
For Batman from Dark Knight Rises, The
waynekaa says, "Who needs vision when you got gangnam style? "
For Iron Fist from Marvel Comics
Dokudel says, "The yellow for the shoes match the rest of the yellow perfect. Its crazy how this is a completely different costume now. So proud of that mask, even if your visually impaired while wearing it. ^_^"
For Iron Fist from Marvel Comics
R2J says, "PRICELESS."
For Briefers Rock from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt