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Montreal, QC
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Hello, my name is Henry, known to most as Henrickson. I'm a Cosplay Photographer from the Montreal, QC, Canada area and travel mostly to cons in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. I've been taking cosplay photos since 2007.

I'm a photojournalist for ConsPlayers.com, the convention coverage organization run by Pikmin Link's father. I've been shooting for them since February 2010.

I'm a lead photographer for the Montreal Cosplay Photoshoots team, a loose group of cosplayers and amateur photographers running large cosplay photoshoots in the Montreal Area. We've been holding shoots since September 2008.

I'm an official convention photographer for Montreal Comiccon, Nadeshicon and Naru 2 U. I'm responsible for taking pictures around these cons and cover major events such as Masquerades.

I have contacts with Montreal-area cosplay groups such as Beyond Dreams Cosplay, the MoonRoses Team, the Imperial Alliance, Team JavX, the Notsonuts, Kaiwaii Productions, the FFCrew and Jelly Belly Cosplay.

My 2 main conventions are Anime North in Toronto and Otakuthon in Montreal. My 2 minor cons are G-Anime in Gatineau (Ottawa) and the Montreal Comiccon in Montreal.

I attended one Worldcon in my life, Anticipation 2009 Montreal, and 3 U.S. anime cons, Bakuretsu Con 2010, Anime Boston 2011-2012 and Otakon 2011. I've yet to attend Anime Expo, the San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon*Con, or any of the other large American conventions.

My lifetime goal is to capture the beauty and talent of all the best cosplayers in Canada, USA and abroad.
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