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Been taking photos for some time just focusing on landscape with no human subject matter, but after attending conventions at the beginning of 2005, my interest sparked for people and cosplay. My photography style generated from having a strong interest in seeing things from different angles. I usually get references from just looking at many CG illustrations for poses and setting since I'm a huge fan of collecting artbooks, figures, doujinshis, posters etc...just about what you would find at any anime convention. After attending ALA 2009, my interest grew even further for photoshoots and con coverage. Just one more thing added to the list of many things-to-do at a con :P
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Athena Marid says, "Eee, thank you for the photo! *A*"
For Gallery: Sakura-con 2015
Strawberrymilk says, "wow this is me :o"
For Gallery: Sakura-con 2014
Eve Brea says, "Thank you for your time :)"
For Gallery: Sakura-con 2014
Kimmi Cosplay says, "That's me! Thank you for taking my picture!! :D https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kimmi-Cosplay/509911995690067?ref=hl"
For Gallery: Sakura-con 2014
pumpkinhead says, "Hey wow thanks for taking a photo of my Aeon cosplay ^_^ photos look wicked if your interested in linking me cuz I don't really use this sure as much anymore, my Deviantart account is misfitghost, thx again photos look awesome"
For Gallery: Sakura-con 2014