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San Francisco, CA.
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Hello, This is Bart, from many conventions that I travel to. I've always taken pictures at every convention that I go to, so I do my best to get as much as I can while providing good quality photos. My profile here will also be where Team Misaki Studios will be archiving our entire convention coverage since 2003. We hope you enjoy these pictures we've taken over the past many years and hope that not only will you be able to find your old cosplays but also get a chance to find out what series each cosplay is from! I hope you enjoy the photos here, feel free to contact me if you wish to set up a photo shoot!
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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "An ideal sisters are here. You're healing us forever."
For Photoshoot: Lucky Star
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "*Ahhh~~~...wannabe...* Asuka-sama's beauty and cuteness call the others."
For Gallery: Misc Gallery
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, ""HMPH! I'll give you Andy. But, Mature, Vice, Foxy, Diana-san etc are mine! >^<" Mai-chan on right's ^ mouth is very cute.^^"
For Gallery: Japantown Anime Faire / JTAF 2005
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, ""Nami-chan, Can i..." "Ka, Katsumi-san...*'-'* BUT, Comptiq isn't under PG!!()\@/()" "Nami-san...Please don't steal my position as the steady girl...-_-;""
For Gallery: Anime Expo 2005
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Yeah, Pl...From Tsuru-san fan(refer to my thumbnail)."
For Gallery: Anime LA 2013