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Gapple Photos
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I have always loved cosplay and have always loved photography and finally combined the two. I love to be creative and when I am able to I love to collaborate on projects with friends and clients. I strive to make my models feel beautiful and powerful and to be able to deliver a product that will not only make a client happy but that will also make them feel more confident within themselves. I continuously push my own boundaries and limits in order to capture great imagery in this fast paced and ever growing community.
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yaystars says, "Yayyy, Chrono Trigger! :D"
For Photoshoot: Chrono Trigger
Lunaladyoflight says, "OOOOO pretty"
For Photoshoot: Legend of Zelda
Katsuya says, "I'm speechless! Incredible!!! <3"
For Photoshoot: Odin Sphere
Tranquility says, "Wide angle lens of awesomeness. This was such a fun shoot! It was great working with you for the first time and I can't wait until we can do it again!! :D"
For Photoshoot: Odin Sphere
superkim111 says, "I love this picture!"
For Photoshoot: One Piece