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Yumiki Snapshots
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Just enjoy taking snap shots for friends and people I know. <3 I do however am interested in snapping other cosplayers, I just get indulged with my own cosplays way too much. :3
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Recent Comments
Winxy says, "I am the Ellen in this pic! Only a few people knew who we were but we were grateful for those who did! Thank you to Yumiki Snapshots for taking this pic of us!"
For Gallery: Anime Central 2015
Imari Yumiki says, "Right? Lol, I regret not giving him an ACP card."
For Gallery: Anime Expo 2014
Jetspectacular says, "ohoho someone PLEASE ID THIS GUY~~~!! love the photo!"
For Gallery: Anime Expo 2014
Ronon_dex says, "that is awesome. The mix is perfect. Pluse i am a big fan of both series"
For Gallery: Misc Gallery
Asherah says, "Cute. Seeing this cosplay really helped me with mine. (:"
For Gallery: Katsucon 2013