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Katy, TX
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Cosplayer & Photographer local to the Houston area.
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ReddGunn says, ":D We look freaking awesome!!! Thank you for posting this picture -Cap'"
For Gallery: Oni-Con 2014
Hino Tenshi says, "Such an awesome picture of me and my friends! I'm the Sailor Iron Man. :)"
For Gallery: Oni-Con 2014
BalletGala says, "This is a beautiful picture of Mazziechan and myself from TwinFlamesCosplay!! Thank you so much!"
For Gallery: Anime Matsuri 2014
Angelwing says, "Your welcome! :D"
For Gallery: Anime Matsuri 2014
gokulover3 says, "Thank you so much for the photo!"
For Gallery: Anime Matsuri 2014