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Cosplayer Ifria > Costume of Yamuraiha (Magi Labyrinth of Magic)

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Magi Labyrinth of Magic
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Animeland Wasabi 2013
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
First off, I need to FLIPHOLYSHIT over Denver Fabrics bargain wall. This was, like, 5 to 6yds of fabric and it was all 2.97per. HOT DAMN. Then all the rest of it was remnants as well, so pretty cheap to start. I fell in love with the fabric though. Such a lovely, soft sateen(?) with a subtle sheen to make it that much more appealing to me for a cutesy little magician lady.
I LOVE the pattern I chose for the skirt/waist. It was Burda 7143, so the waistband is attached to a large circle skirt, so it cuts down on separate pieces floating around. I doubled up the knit around the waist so I could hide the bulk of her robe/top/wrap thing, and maybe keep it tucked into a waist cincher of some sort if need be. So it's got a nice bit of stretch, but far more substantial than it would have been otherwise.
The neckband was a trial. :/ I was initially going to go with zigzagging ribbon around, but decided to go the long way about it and make a gigantic applique piece.

The staff was made using Kamui's awesome expanding foam weapon tutorial. So, dowel rod with a cardboard base that i fit the giant Christmas ornament into, covered the entire thing in expanding foam, carved it down, masking tape layer, newspaper mache layer, and then Celluclay. WOO. Lots of work. Sanding wasn't as crazy as I was expecting since I was trying to keep it looking a bit rough. Then I just used Pink Cadillac Montana Gold spray paint and sealed it. :X First real try at a large prop, so that was amusing.
The shell boobs were a cheap, novelty luau shell bra from eBay. I filled the holes with Model Magic and then gave them a couple coats of the same paint I used for the staff, clear coated them, and then gave them a little bit of glitter for fun. :3 Because glitter makes everything better.
These were attached to a nude strapless bra. Thank GOD for cheap hoochie bra stores in the mall, AMIRITE?!
The shell ears were white Tibia shells with matching measurements from an eBay store, painted gold along with a few other kinds for a bit of variety, and glued together and slapped on a headband. :3
The circlet thingy was a small resin gem that I cast myself, made a skinny little casing for out of Scupley Lite, and attached to a chain with toupee clips on each end.
The hat was A BITCH. :| I only had a crappy hat pattern sitting around, so I beefed it up by widening the brim and added heaving interfacing. I then decided it was too big. So I made a smaller one and decided it was too small. I COULDN'T WIN. But looking at references made it look like her hat was just slapped on the back of her head, instead of where hats typically go. :/ So... I stuck to the big one. I had issues with the hat and the shell ears fighting, so I need to come up with a better system of wear, so it doesn't fall off every time I move.
Personal Thoughts:
Taking a fashion tip from Ariel. 8D SHELLBEWBIES.

I think she's super cute, I adore Magi, and I felt like I would suit her better than Morgiana (who I love dearly as well), so! ADVENTUUUUURE!!
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