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I like to dress funny!

Been hooked on this hobby since I learned about it and started in 2002. In it for the learnin'! It's been so fun to see how we've all grown in the last 10 years and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring! God, I'm old. TT__________TT

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aprilann007 says, "What size is your costume? And are you selling the dress, corset, and with all together?"
For Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty
etaru says, "This costume is SO flattering on you, you're gorgeous <3"
For Velvet - Princess of Valentine from Odin Sphere
jinglebooboo says, "you are so prettty <3"
For Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa
etaru says, "This is SO CUTE!"
For Supergirl from DC Comics
Moosey_Fate13 says, "Wowee~ You're the best Yam cosplayer I've seen! Everything looks really good! If I were Aladdin I'd plant my face in those boobies. XD Seriously though, you've done an amazing job on this! OuO"
For Yamuraiha from Magi Labyrinth of Magic