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Cosplayer Lolita Minako > Costume of May / Haruka (Pokemon)

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May / Haruka
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
3rd place in CosplayLab_Rats LJ Contest #16
Costume worn at:
Anime Festival Orlando / AFO 2008
Anime Festival Orlando / AFO 2006
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008
MegaCon 2004
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I admit it. My mom helped me with the jacket and bandanna....they were evil....I label this a "3" difficulty instead of a "2" because of the frustration. The jacket pattern SKIPPED steps! WTH?? I get a lot of questions about this costume, so here are as many details as I can remember, LOL. The jacket is a SLIGHTLY modified jacket pattern (we added a collar and the black stripe is, in fact, the zipper) and the black part was just sewn on over it. The white part is a mini skirt...easy. The gloves is a pair of black short satiny gloves from Icing, and the white ones are the same, only cut to the proper shape with the thumb removed at the seam and any cut seams reinforced by hand to prevent splitting. Also easy. XD The shorts are bicycle shorts that are 3 sizes too big, but that makes them comfy and not too tight. The blue stripes (which no one seems to remember...) are strips of blue quilting bias tape (the satiny UBER WIDE stuff) that were hand-sewn on while I was wearing them (prevented bunching). The bandanna was an experiment of trail and [mostly] error between my mom and me. She eventually figured it out, and I have no clue how she did it, but it is mostly a circle with 2 oval-ish tails knotted together. It never gets untied. EVER. I pin it over the pigtails. The white part is applique with a zigzag stitch finish. The shoes were a pair of red keds with fabric shapes finished with a zigzag stitch and glued on with FabriTac (I need to redo them, wear is killing them), and the black circle and "tongue" of the shoe is attached with Velcro over the laces.Okay, the ONE THING that gets the most "How did you do it?" or "Where did you get it?" questions is that darn bag, LOL. I drafted a pattern and made it. It was a nightmare, and I was very happy to have drafter's paper (the big sheets with the grids) at home (Mom was a drafter at the time). I measure myself to get the bag proportionate to me and went at it. I couldn't even tell you what fabric I used ^^;;;;...it was some heavy-ish yellow poly-blend I found at Wal-Mart on the dollar/yd table. The whole thing is interfaced and double-layered, and the pockets are functional and were made to fit my pokedex. :] The contrasted bits on the pocket-flaps is fabric paint. I lost about 3 sewing machine needles making this...it was tragic... I made the strap too long and a LITTLE too thin, though, so it is safety-pinned as well as clipped to keep it from extending and falling off, LOL. It is fully adjustable! I store all the little accessories in it when I am not using the costume (pokedex, gloves, bandanna, etc). When I am wearing it, it holds all my stuff. XD
Personal Thoughts:
THIS COSTUME IS SOOOOOOO COMFY!!! And I love to see kids' reactions when I wear it. Especially when I am driving my car ("The Bug"). Watching kids go all "OMG!!!!!" is adorable. I often get autograph requests at the events I occasionally do with PikaBelleChu. It is so awesome to make kids smile like that. It is just fun to be May. She is so spirited, and it is fun interacting with everyone.
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