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Well...hmm...I have been cosplaying "Officially" since 2002, when I was Sailor Venus in a production of Sailor War Supreme from the Sailor Moon musicals...and it kind of snowballed from there. ^^ My absolute favorite character ever is Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket...my favorite anime), and I plan to make/acquire as many of her outfits as possible! She is my absolute favorite!! ^o^ I love cosplaying, and just about anything artsy (theatre, music, et cetera). My favorite genre to make costumes for is historical fashion, and many of my original designs will have historical elements, although I find my main cosplay focus shifting more into comics and Disney costumes. I really love to chat with people and to have a good time! I love to go to Disney, and I work there, too! I currently live and thrive in tourist Orlando, and I was born Massachusetts. You may also see me cosplaying with my ABJDs/dollfies. ^_^ Some of their costumes can be found in the Unsorted Photos here on my page.

Be sure to check out my twin sister, JujuKitten (formerly Neko~Kaolla), Acy's pic for June 2006!! (She was also the one who upgraded me!)

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markell says, "you look nice and cute."
For Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII
markell says, "you look cute with the vest skirt and boots."
For Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII
markell says, "you are cute and pretty."
For Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII
Lolita Minako says, "In the "personal thoughts" section, I mention that I am aware of this error and I did it deliberately. It was not that I wasn't able to put the string on, more than I wasn't *allowed* to per convention weapons policy (real bow, so I had to make it inoperable by not using the string). Since a recurve bow sans string points away from your body, I can't pose like I am "pulling the string back" and have it formed that way. So, I spun the bow around so the ends pointed in the direction they would if a string was being pulled. I had to improvise since the convention had rules set."
For Arrowette from Young Justice
oninfive says, "Can I just point out that you're holding the bow backwards... it's a resurge bow and curves outwards. It's probably why you can't get the string on. "
For Arrowette from Young Justice