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Cosplayer Akroma > Costume of Ashe / Ashelia B nargin Dalmasca (Final Fantasy XII)

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Final Fantasy XII
Ashe / Ashelia B nargin Dalmasca
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Runner up in Novice Division for Best Craftsmanship @ Jafax 10'
Costume worn at:
Anime Central 2010
JAFAX 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Here I go! First the shoes. The edging/ all the gold detail on it was hand embroidered by me. The fabric is a heavy weight cotton used usually in home decorating. I interfaced it with craft fuse which is used normally for curtains to make them stiff but I use it for like everything XD To keep the round shape at the bottom I put a piece of blue wire inside of it before I embroidered it. The red piece that is sewn under/ to the blue top is made vynal and is accurate to the game photos meaning that it has an extra little piece on the bottom instead of just the one main piece everyone generally does. It has gold eyelets placed in it and I used gold rat tail to lace it up. My skirt was made of a nasty and I mean nasty smelling pink faux pleather that I had to air out for like a day after buying it. It is fully lined and accurately short. So much so that I will have to buy some spanks to wear under it and then safety pin the back of the skirt to them just so it will lay flat and not show to much. That is actually my only complaint with the fabric is that it was so light weight that it tends to just float up ><; It also has only three belt loops. The one large one in the middle back and two on the sides. I studied all my references to get that right. And I also made sure to use eyelets one size larger than the ones on my shoes for the holes in the one large belt loop. I considered using my smaller ones but it just looked weird. The belt is made of white vynal that I cut to the size of the buckle of which I ordered from http://www.ejoyce.com/. There are a lot of useful crafty things there, and I just found it using google XD. Anywho I cut the vynal into a long strip then cut it to the length I needed for a belt. I then hemmed each side over and rounded the end to give it the shape needed; then gave that a quick once over with the machine just for detail. I then took two colors of blue fabric paint and a scrap of my blue fabric and mixed them till I got something that looked close to the fabric. Then I painted it and let it dry over night. Next day after attaching the buckle I used my eyelet tool and small gold eyelets to put the needed "hole" details through out the entire belt. Which bothers me when people only do a few of the holes then leave the rest blank. Its obvious she has holes all around the thing sheesh! Okays. Collar, sailor thiggy , and sleeves. My collar is made of black faux pleather that has a bumpy texture making it look like some of the more high end material but at like 1/8 of the price. The sailor thing is made out of the same material I am using on the rest of the costume which is white corduroy that I bought years ago when I first wanted to make this costume. And yeah lemme tell you, not cheap. It was like $10 a yrd. But since her costume looks exactly like corduroy I needed it. I am that much of an accuracy whore XD I plan on lining it after my embroidery is done. Again both detailing on the collar and on the sailor piece is done all by hand. I have the stab wounds to prove it. The sleeves, if you can even see them, are made of course out of the corduroy, and are fully lined. They were made by taking a general sleeve pattern. Fitting the bottom of it to my arm and leaving the top large. Then I used elastic to gather it which gives it the much needed puffy look that she sports. I love them, seriously I think they turned out amazing XD But that's just me tooting my own horn. Hey I am allowed to be proud of my things! Finally the buckler. This was made using a corset pattern from a renaissance costume. Then I adjusted it to fit the look that I needed by using scrap material. The actual material used to make it is the same as the collar. It is also lined and has boning in it to give it the fitted shape that I wanted. The front buckle was also ordered from http://www.ejoyce.com/. Okay I am also very very proud of the way this turned out. And yes it may look to tall, but my torso it much longer than hers to I had to make adjustments to fit my body. Oh and something that most people often miss is the two little studs in the back, which I included! I think there super cute and add unique detailing. Oh! I also made sure to have all the boning extenuated with extra seams and I even did double seaming around all the edges like she has on hers. Armor is all made of Cardboard, papermach'e, and paper clay, then to make the details I used Foamy sheets. I followed Jia Crenes Tutorial on her site, on how to make armor.
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