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I have been cosplaying for about ten years and am a co-owner of a cosplay group known as Equinox cosplay with one of my best friends Esther aka Twentyseven. And though I generally cosplay with her, she has since moved across country so I am now basically "whoring" myself out to others for cosplay groups. Which I do not mind, actually I love every bit of it! :3 I am uber friendly and love talking to people, so If you happen to see me at a con feel free to say hi ^.^ Generally I tend to cosplay a lot of video game characters, but I have been known to do a few movie or cartoon/anime/manga cosplays. But I mostly love the video game ones since they usually have more color and are more detailed/ exciting. I am a self taught sewer, my mom does help me from time to time and I have learned somethings from her, but basically I have learn sewing through trial and error. I own two machine an old signer which is my moms and my baby, and a bernina. I am very Intrigued by English and Japanese cultures; and I hope to live over in England someday, since my trip over there left me wanting so much more. It is honestly my favorite foreign country thus far!

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