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Cosplayer Ellome > Costume of Theta Sigma / The Doctor (Doctor Who)

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Doctor Who
Theta Sigma / The Doctor
Special Variation:
Academy Robes
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best Patterning (Cloak Only) at Gallifrey One 2010
Costume worn at:
Gallifrey One 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
WHEWBOY. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THESE COSTUMES. Hitori & I had been wanting to do Academy Doctor & Master for a while spray painting some grass red may have been involved in those plans and Who cosplay is extra special when a Lucifer is involved, especially with her great love for the Rani. And backstage chatting last year led to one thing which led to another and bam. Academy Doctor, Master, and Rani. These costumes where in planning mode for a year (and trips to lots of fabric stores to touch things and match colours and figure out textures), and lots of trips to San Jose for sewingtimes and finally they came together. Hitori did the patterning for all three and sewed hers and most of Lucifer's, as well as parts of mine (most notably the undershirt, the sleeves on the tunic, and pleating on the cloak). And let me tell you, some aspects of these are really a two-person job to finagle fabric and everything around everywhere. Each of the three costumes are slightly different, so I'm just going to talk about mine here. There are three layers here. Pants are red twill and basic pant pattern - satin pocket-lining, pintuck down the front... that you can never see.. cry. Shirt is a modified t-shirt (go-go kid's section!) with a contrasting velvet thin collar line and long velvet sleeves. Layer two is the tunic - the wrong side of crepe-back satin, patterned velvet for the chevron and sleeves and collar. We decided to put darts in the back of mine because yay disproportionate measurements. It's lined in burgandy satin with a gold chevron (which again will never be seeeen), with an separating zipper (thanks for the idea, Reiko!) and a slit in the back for more ease of movement. The last layer, the cloak, is stretch velvet/velour flatlined to muslin (since weight = stretch) and lined in gold satin. Collar part of the cloaks is a satin with a(n embossed? I can't English tonight. Raised up velvet) swirly designs, with satin bias trim (made by Hitori for all three!) sewn on and then handstitched underneath. Patches thanks to Maridah! There's also some boning in the collar parts to try to give them their pointy shape. Hitori also put a pocket in mine (Thanks ♥~). I THINK THAT'S IT. IS THAT IT? We'll be wearing these costumes foreverrr because holy cow. Also, not as uncomfortable at ELEVEN POUNDS altogether as I was expecting - though you could feel it in the shoulders when you slipped off the cloak.
Personal Thoughts:
ORANGEEEEEEEEEEEE I hate it XD but I didn't mind being petted by half the people at Gallifrey. Also, Katy Manning touched Hitori and Lucifer in the orange so. Worth it? I think so.
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