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NorCal Prince. I type for a living and do the cosplay thing sometimes. Usually helping in Artist Alley or mobage. My special skill is sleeves!
I make patch and patch accessories-->
Thank you to Jason of i360 for the Celestial Upgrade! :D

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sunseenli says, "What an awesome group!"
For Zhuge Liang from Fate/Grand Order
ken_taros says, "*CRIES"
For Romani Archaman from Fate/Grand Order
Ellome says, "CONFESSION I was nowhere close to finishing my Claire suit so this was the next easiest thingnPlus, this guy intrigues me 8D thar be fake blood on them thar scissors too <3~"
For Tick Jefferson from Baccano!
Ellome says, "WE DID IT WE CUTE"
For Sentaro Kawabuchi from Sakamichi no Apollon
Ellome says, "I didn't watch it until fall of last year and I am still wreckednI'm sorrynIt doesn't get bettern(Also if you haven't yet, try Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu! It has a similar feel and hurts even MORE)"
For Sentaro Kawabuchi from Sakamichi no Apollon