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I've been cosplaying off and on since 2003. The past few years I started focusing back on cosplay (and improving my sewing skills!) and working on more challenging and lesser known cosplays. I belong to a cosplay group called verssen werks, and we cosplay all sorts of things.

All of my costumes are made by me, sometimes with a little bit of help. I style wigs, make most of my props/accessories (large props I get help from my fianc??), and do everything in between!

I'm just trying to have fun and help set a good example for other cosplayers to follow and to try to do their best at what they're doing. Cosplay can be fun, but difficult. However, the reward at the end is the awesome costume you get to show off!

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markell says, "you look pretty."
For Princess Daisy from Super Mario Brothers Series