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I've been a cosplayer for the past 9+ years, and have been seriously costume designing for the past two. By background includes illustration, graphics, costumes, fibers, and fashion. I try to associate all of these areas in all the costumes I design.

My main focus in cosplaying is making a character real—how would the outfit be made functionally, is there historical content behind it, what the character is wearing it for and what types of materials would it be made in. I want to create a living being, not always just make a two-dimensional sketch into an outfit.

The costumes on here that aren't me the ones I've made for my significant other Rtis. She puts up with my cosplay quirks and allows me to dress her up, so she needs some kudos for that ;)

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Chinako says, "YES YES YES! SO happy you posted these two costumes here. They were SO beautifully crafted and the little details just made them stand out among the rest. I was a judge at AB and happily awarded you the Best In Show in the Hall Cosplay Contest. <3 Cannot wait to see what else you have in the works!"
For Tengu Kojiro from Yami no Matsuei
kraek says, "Fantastic Saturn. You look exactly as I imagined her in reality."
For Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
blue_eyed_fairy says, "Beautiful!! <3 I love all the Shikigami cosplayers out there!!!"
For Kijin from Yami no Matsuei