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SO MUCH LOVE, like millions of hugs to whoever got me Celestial status I really appreciate it!

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TsuchiGin says, "Look at this Pinkie Fly.~"
For Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
mostflogged says, "Not wearing clothes is really good look for you. Just saying. "
For Hokuto from .hack//AI buster
kapalaka says, "You look so cute as her, I love your prop! And dat wig, AWESOME."
For Ranmao from Black Butler
Hooded Woman says, "Seriously, looks great and you look amazing in it sick or not~ I love your make-up too!"
For Ranmao from Black Butler
AkuRokulover says, "Hey girl! Geez, your story about how you made this sounds so painful @_@;; It still turned out awesome though despite almost giving out your will~ LOL "
For Ranmao from Black Butler