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I started cosplaying in 1996. Since then I have learned a whole lot about making things (usually the hard way, with a lot of "Well that didn't work..." involved), sewed my wedding dress, made a ton of friends, given bunches of construction panels and even judged in a few Masquerades. So basically I'm hooked for life. :P

Also, my costumes here aren't in anything like chronological order, because I wasn't paying enough attention when I signed up. Oops!

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Ciarathallya says, "You make me smile on so many levels. I am so happy to see such a well done version of this. Irony I just finished FFTA2 this past weekend. Now I want to play the original again after seeing your wonderfully executed cosplay. Two thumbs up! =)"
For Lancer/Dragoon from Final Fantasy Tactics
Envel says, "I love this version of Umi, and you look so pretty! I LOVE that bracelet! *_*"
For Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth
Dandelionswish says, "woah intense!"
For Fairy Park Statue from Clover
Dandelionswish says, "i love the designs from tactics! it's nice too see it cosplayed ^^ !"
For Viera Sniper from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
bloodynymph says, "oh, wow that is really cool. Is this really something from the manga or an original?"
For Yui Hongo from Fushigi Yuugi