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Hello fellow cosplayers! My nickname is Shining Polaris! I started using that name for online selling. But after years of identifying with it, now its my name too! My real name is Christine and my official nickname (for sorority) is Eclipse! I LOVE anime and cosplaying! I fell in love with anime when I first watched Sailor Moon in 3rd grade and now anime and video games is my life! I started "unofficially" cosplaying when I was in 4th and 5th grade to Halloween parties (As Iron Mouse and Sailor Mars! My first cosplays!). My first convention was in 1996 to Anime Expo. I quit it completely when I went to High School (go figure!). I started to fell greatly in love with anime and cosplaying in college thanks to my friends!

--- Then I went BACK into retirement trying to get ahead in my Career at my real job. Now that I am in a place I am comfortable with I started cosplaying again in 2012. So I am back baby!

Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com/ShiningPolaris

Instagram and Twitter --> ShiningPolaris

Youtube: --- ShiningPolaris2008

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Hunterisdone says, "If you don't mind me asking, please could you tell me where you got your trench coat and the jacket underneath from? I have been looking everywhere and after seeing your (amazing) cosplay, I was hoping you could help me?"
For Rip Hunter from Legends of Tomorrow
anna-neko says, "hehehhe, at least he didn't try to lick you"
For Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones
JadeKat says, "Stunning concept and execution! I would love to see this in person!"
For Dalek from Doctor Who
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "beautiful!! "
For Elsa from Frozen
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "Beautiful! "
For Ashe from League of Legends