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Im Li, Ive been cosplaying since 1998, but haven't actually been to a con until 2003. My first event was being hired to be Link at the Gphoria video games awards show.
I am a HUGE fan of the Legend of Zelda video game series, and Link is my favorite character ever since I was little.
Throughout the years I have professionally modeled characters for Nintendo, Gamestop, Video Games Live, G4 and others.

It is my goal to cosplay most of the versions of Link and bring his world of Hyrule to life.

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digiXsake says, "I love your Link! What wig did you use? You styled it so flawlessly *w*!"
For Link from Legend of Zelda
Sylphy says, "You're a lovely Jupiter! The wig styling is spot-on. "
For Super Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon Super S
mostflogged says, "wow your wig is PERFECT AS FUCK!! And really flattering on you too, you look super cute in this costume!!!"
For Super Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon Super S
pikminlink says, "Thanks. I made it, as it's stated in costume details along with construction notes. "
For Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Colombian_Otaku says, "This is AMAZING!"
For Super Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon Super S