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Hi~! I am a costuming major at Cal State University, Channel Islands. I am a Christian, I love chocolate, pink, and anything cute. Some of my favorite animes include: Princess Tutu, Ouran Host Club, and Ranma 1/2. Some of my favorite mangas are: Mars, Peach Girl, and anything by CLAMP or Rumiko Takahashi. I can't afford to go to many conventions, but I love them! And I love my wonderful husband, who always cosplays with me! :3

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Dokudel says, "The wig looks really nice. ^_^"
For Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!
daydreamernessa says, "wonderful fuu! you did an excellent job on the dress!!"
For Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth
daydreamernessa says, "your wig and dress are adorable! yay mugi :3"
For Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!
Envel says, "*flails* OH MY GOD YOU LOOK SO CUTE! You make a wonderful Tsumugi, and I LOVE the ruffles on your dress!"
For Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!
Aria says, "Thought you did an amazing job on Mugi when I saw you at Ani-Magic, especially the hair~!"
For Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON!