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Hello all! I have become obsessed with designing costumes. I have always loved Halloween and costuming and never really knew how to express that until i discovered cosplay!! Although I tend to do originals alot. I did throw together a Mary Weather from GodChild.

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violet.anime says, "Wonderful design!"
For Forest Protector from Original: Fantasy
Fallyn Angel says, "Wonderful Romana and love the K-9!"
For Romana from Doctor Who
wabisabi says, "OMG!!! i love it... the wings are perfect!!!! "
For Dark Angel from Original Design
etaru says, "Wow, an "organic" cosplay, why didn't we think of it earlier!? XD Looks great, I for one personally love it! +^_~+"
For Forest Protector from Original: Fantasy
etaru says, "Wow, what an eery yet beautiful Maryweather costume! I've never seen this side to her, though that's probably because I've only portrayed her Lolita-ish style ^^;"
For Mary Weather Hargreaves from Godchild