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I'm Mei, the Canadian with an obsession for League of Legends and josei manga. I show up to cons and cosplay when I feel up for it which as of recent years has been a bit more laid back >_< Always a pleasure to meet other con-goers regardless!

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Anaira says, "cutest Lux NA"
For Lux from League of Legends
darkenedxstar says, "Thanks! >_< Though I wish I had a better fabric color option but locally, this was the best I could find. I probably should've bought fabric online =/"
For Ahri from League of Legends
amecandy says, "so sexy ;A ;!!! <3 <3 I'm glad you got this done tho!! *W *;;; I love the material you picked for this *A *!!"
For Ahri from League of Legends
ashley says, "You look perfect in this!"
For Asuna from Sword Art Online
cherryteagirl says, "Nice choice of fabric! I really like the silver! :3"
For Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 2