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Hi! Thanks for stopping by my little page o' cosplay~! I started back in 2000 with my Minmay costume for the Anime Expo Masquerade. Since, I've participated in a handful of skits and have taken up new costuming challenges!
I usually hide in the artist alley of conventions, so try and find me there. ^^
[Edit: 06.08.07 - New photos of Minmay with minor updates to some of my past costumes. Hawkeye has FINALLY been added. A few more coming soon - if I can find the photos. ^_^;]

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Rida says, "is it for sale? D: and or do u have a sewing pattern for it?"
For Cheza from Wolf's Rain
ayamay_black says, "Not many people can do the wolf's rain characters justice but you did just that. Great Cheza!"
For Cheza from Wolf's Rain
Aria says, "Hoooooooot :D"
For Lynn Minmay from Macross
waynekaa says, "Retired!!! T_T"
For Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist
waynekaa says, "plaid yay!"
For Lynn Minmay from Macross