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I express my love for fandoms through cosplay!

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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "...? M(omit)? From a Washuu-chan fan. Sorry, The others. You're really A(omit). BTW, this figure makes me remember Kani-maru of Bukomacchi.XD Both are cute, I'm glad i met you."
For Washuu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, ""Everybody, Do you think that Tsuchida and Tecmo are the best? You can say it honestly. Washuu-chan's heart is wide.^a^" "...It rude to THE OTHER STAFF AND CAST...'=';" Really sorry, You can say objections. ANW, Your white teeth are veryvery beautiful too. A completed super cosplayer."
For Washuu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Your smile is Bright every time, where. You're a real star."
For Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Oh,,, I thought This cos looks so HOT against Summer. You really X2 will be able to join all of Kaijuu-Yattuke-Tai(Soldiers with hot outfits who want to destroy all Monsters)s."
For Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Yes, I never choose other words. You became into BRAVE QUEEN!"
For Bulma Briefs from Dragonball