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The following events have been linked to this convention.

Event Name Location
Madoka Magica @ Sakuracon 2012

Aniplex is bringing the key staff of Madoka Magica to Sakuracon, and they've asked us to give them a warm cosplayer welcome! So now's your chance to get up close and personal with the creators of one of 2011's biggest hits!

This will take place at the Aniplex Booth on Friday and Saturday

Fate Zero @ Sakuracon 2012

Aniplex is bringing over some of the key staff for Fate/Zero. These are obviously very important people, and they're a bit nervous of having only con security to guard them. So they've asked ACParadise to summon some Servants for them - who will answer the call?

This will mostly take place at the Aniplex Booth.

Bakemonogatari @ Sakuracon 2012

The guests that Aniplex are bringing to Sakuracon are big fans of Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari. They will be holding a special screening of the show at the con, and they'd like some cosplayers to help out!

This will take place before and after a special screening of Bakemonogatari - exact time and location TBD

Cat Planet Cuties @ Sakuracon 2012


Is there really any more that needs to be said? Yes? Oh, ok - FUNimation is releasing Cat Planet Cuties in May, and they want to hype up the release by having as many catgirls at their booth! There will be lots of meowing guaranteed...

This will take place at the FUNimation Booth