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    Volunteer UPDATE: I finished most of my stage outfit for Karen Aijou! please take a look at it! I hope you like it so far! I have been following Revue Starlight for a while. I've seen the stage plays and watched the anime. It is a beautiful masterpiece. It would be an honor to do Karen Aijou. I've planned to do this Revue Stage cosplay for months. I am gathering materials to make what Koyama Momoya wore for the stage play. I hope you accept me as your Karen and I will do my best to bring out a beautiful cosplay.

    Volunteer POSITION ZERO ????

    Volunteer Revue is important to me because my friends showed it to me and we got to experience Revue together. Not only that but the show is amazing. I didn't expect that I would love it this much but it threw me for a loop quite a few times and I love it! I absolutely love the music and the battle sequences (they are so artistic and beautiful), and I adore Hikari soso much! I hope to see you guys there so we can battle it out for top star!!! (Or take cute photos together and gush about the show ???)

    Haru Wei
    Volunteer I really love Saijo Claudine's outfit


    Volunteer Revue starlight has had such an important part in my life ever since i saw clips of the stage play back in later 2017. To be given even this opportunity means the world! I hope that through this, everyone can learn more about the series and truly get to understand what it means to shine!

    Volunteer I've been a huge fan of Revue Starlight since the first musical was in production back in 2017. I have been listening to the music and supporting the girls and the wonderful production staff. I was fortunate enough to cosplay Maya's school uniform to Anime Expo 2018 along with a Junna before the anime aired. It would be an honor to work with ACParadise to help promote the series I love so dearly!


    Volunteer POSITION ZERO!

    Volunteer Revue Starlight is a great series and the characters within it are incredibly precious to me. Chara Expo itself is a accumulation of series/seiyuu that I've admired and followed for many years and would love to see other people connect with them like I have. To be able to get the chance and work with these people is an opportunity I'm not ready to walk away from and would love nothing more than to be able to be with them!

    Volunteer Claudine???s character really resonates with me, and I will try my best to do her justice with my costume!