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    Artoria Grey
    Volunteer I was Saber Altria at Otakon and AnimeNYC last year! I'm familiar with the work involved. I really love interacting with anime fans and promoting a franchise I love. I love sharing it with other people! I know the Nasuverse very well, so I can chat with new fans and the most diehard Type-Moon fans alike. I keep up with the latest Type-Moon releases in the USA and Japan. (Oh, and my Excalibur lights up.)


    Volunteer We both love talking with other fate fans, promoting the series to others, and generally just being our favorite characters for a day. Earlier this year the two of us created a joint Instagram account to cover our partner cosplays, where you can find examples of our Tamamo and Nero costumes at @colorrangerscosplay. Thanks, and we'd love to be considered!

    Volunteer Hi guys, excited to work at the complex booth again and hope to make it another great year. I have work with cap and aniplex for 5 years. If anyone have questions don't be afraid to ask me currently or the coordinators at the event.


    Volunteer I'm happy to be a part of growing Fate to a larger community!

    Volunteer I really love Fate! I've mainly gotten into it full force from playing FGO since it came out in English. Since then, I have been keeping up with new content as it comes out not only here, but also in Japan as well. I am also involved in the fan community in the Midwest as I have run gatherings at smaller conventions in my area and through social media have met fans all over the US as well.

    Volunteer I am very accommodating and can adapt to all types of changes.

    Volunteer i am a brazilian cosplayer, coming for the first time to the us , for a us con, i am crafting this saber cosplay JUST to go to this con, and it would be a honor to participate



    Volunteer I have been a cosplayer for 5 years with Otakon being my first event to cosplay to. I am a huge Fate series fan!


    Zixx Vandom
    Volunteer I have worked 6 years in retail and currently have two jobs where I interact with the public for every shift. I play the game every day. I also have the gauntlet for the cosplay ordered and it might be here in time for Otakon.

    Volunteer I've attended conventions as an attendee/cosplayer since 2012 and would love to be chosen to have the opportunity to volunteer for this event! I am a big fan of the Fate series and would love to be able to represent the booths and panels as Tamamo no Mae. I have worked closely with staff and volunteers at previous conventions and am aware of the responsibilities needed as a representative and assisting the Aniplex Booth and volunteering at Panels. Check out my instagram @ peppermintlemon to see my work~ More photos of Tamamo cosplays can be provided upon request!

    Volunteer Update: still no Waver.

    Volunteer I love fate and love talking to people about it! I have too many favorite servants...

    Volunteer n/a

    Volunteer I will be cosplaying second ascension Altera. I look forward to helping out at Otakon!

    Volunteer I absolutely love Fate! This will be my second Otakon but I have been attending conventions for many years. Previously, I have worn Tamamo to Katsucon 2018. I worked in customer service for three years and am very comfortable speaking to others, especially about something I am passionate about. I can't wait to see everyone at the con!

    Volunteer I heard about this event over Facebook and would love to debut my custom FGO Medea Lily costume! I'm finishing up the last details of this costume and am in the process of making my staff collapsible for transport :) Medea is my Fate waifu and I would love to represent her at the event -- I'm excited to find out who makes the cut! By the way, I'm from Southern California and have been cosplaying for over 7 years -- nice to meet you! You can also see my other projects on my Instagram @marina_cosplay

    Volunteer I absolutely adore the Fate series and would love to be able to represent it to other anime fans that may not know of it yet! Thank you very much for your consideration!


    tobikumasuke Cosplay


    Volunteer No.