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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.
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Description: We are gauging how much interest there would be in an unofficial Idolm@ster gathering at the Namco Bandai booth, to show them support for the Idolm@ster games, recently available for iOS in the iTunes store!

Location: Namco Bandai Booth 911
Friday 5PM-6PM
Fan of the Idolm@ster series? So are a lot of ACParadise cosplayers, so we're hosting an unofficial gathering at the Namco Bandai booth! Stop by to get some pictures - we'll all be lady!

Volunteer Info: Cosplayers need to be wearing outfits from the Idolm@ster series. All dance outfits are valid, and Cinderellla Girls is ok too! All volunteers will be automatically approved assuming you have a valid ACP profile - we just need to keep a tally to see how many people would be interested.

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