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Cosplayer EverythingMan > Costume of Roger (101 Dalmations)

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101 Dalmations
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Very Easy
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Personal Thoughts:
Well this is a fairly unique shoot for us in that we were playing the supporting actors. Not that I'm so conceited as to think I'll only be the main character, but I never imagined I'd be taking the back seat - to a dog!

When my fiance got the inspiration to try this shoot she contacted a local Dalmation breeder to see if they would even be open to the possibility of us borrowing one of their dogs. We were blown away when the first place we called not only said yes, but was so excited about it! So before we had even started working on our costumes we had the date set!

Since time was very much not on our side we sought the aid of our friends at the Temple Theater - a local community theater. Most of their plays are set in the 1920's era so it wasn't much trouble finding pants and a vest that fit. While we were in the dressing room our friend Erin (who you would recognize as Milly from our Trigun shoot) came in and asked if she could do Cruela. Well, we thought, given the level of accuracy we usually try for we didn't think it would be possible (or within a reasonable price range) for her to get the costume together before the shoot. Not 5 minutes later she emerged wearing the perfect coat and dress. Oddly enough it was more trouble for us to find my casual brown jacket than it was for her to get the entire costume!!

Well that's just about all I have to say for this costume... What'd ya think?
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