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Cosplayer Vartan > Costume of Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII)

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Final Fantasy XIII
Snow Villiers
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2010
Anime USA 2010
NekoCon 2010
Otakon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Beige twill, think it was a cotton/poly blend because it doesn't wrinkle as badly as the cotton twill I have used on other costumes but also didn't fray as well, had to distress the edges with sandpaper and blade-edges. The lapel-area pins were made by hand (and guesstimated based on this one photo I found that was hi-res enough to make out their shapes when I blew it up like 100x) and then cast in resin and painted. Everyone seems to make the vest different, but that's to blame on the fact that it's never the same color, sometimes it's a warm gray, cool gray, blue, and even brownish in some shots. Ran into this problem when I first made Kamina...obviously it's lighting differences but still. I went with the color scheme when it was in the most direct sunlight since i figured that would be the closest. Either that or it's like Jason (CeruleanDraco) says and maybe the vest really does change color based on the equip or he just has a closet full of different identical vests, lol, I never paid enough attention....idk whatvs. Shoes were probably one of the harder parts because I had to distress the hell out of them, I scrubbed them with a green scouring pad, rubbed them in leather deglazer, soaked them in a bucket of hot bleachy water, etc. I'm lucky they're still sturdy and not falling apart, speaks for the quality of the boots. They were definitely glossy black and waterproof when I got them. Not qui~te tall enough but I was having a seriously hard time finding tall boots that weren't super high priced (as in $150+) since they have practical uses and all. Luckily I had a long-reach hole punch so that I could set the buttons on them, the sort of belted spat-like thing was made with white leather that I rubbed down with a bit of silver and then sewn on separately, with functional but pointless belts and buckles, and the metal buttons (which are actually neck bolts from an apple iMac G4, same as I used on my Ryoji suspenders, I love how they look as buttons lol) go through all the layers and screw in.
Ummmm when I did the costume at AX I actually chopped up bits of blond hair from the wig and meticulously stuck it to my face for his blonde scruff with spirit gum but I don't think I did it again, too much of a pain, wears out fairly quickly, can't touch your face, and ugh spirit gum all over your face.

Oh yeah and the jewelry is also handmade, some of it was made in sculpey/apoxie sculpt and then cast in resin, but a couple of the pieces (spiral and sphere on wedding necklace) are the originals. Too many issues casting them properly due to undercuts, intended to give it a shot later, never got around to it whoops.
Personal Thoughts:
I am kind of amazed that I went all this time without ever uploading info or photos. It's kind of an amazing amount of lazy, but I also thought I'd done it already. DX
Made this for AX 2010, I was already all fired up about cosplaying Snowbro, and then Lionel's awesome shivabike was icing on the cake. I'm sad I didn't get more pics with it though.
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