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Cosplayer T3Knikolor > Costume of Captain N (Captain N: The Game Master)

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Captain N: The Game Master
Captain N
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Runner up at Video Games Live costume contest 2007.
Costume worn at:
Anime Boston 2009
Anime USA 2009
Anime USA 2008
ConnectiCon 2009
Katsucon 2011
Katsucon 2010
Otakon 2010
Otakon 2009
Otakon 2008
Otakon 2007
Otakon 2006
Otakon 2005
Otakon 2004
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This was done on a whim. In 2004, I was going to Otakon, my first big convention. I had a Lupin III cosplay all set to go, but for some reason, the character of Captain N entered my mind. I hadn't seen the cartoon since it was on the air, so I have no idea where the thought came from. All I knew was that I could pull it off. The jacket is the key. I knew that if I could find the right jacket, I'd be in business. I got it at a local sporting goods store a few towns over for about $40. Well worth it. It's not 100% accurate according to the cartoon (the collar should be solid white and a little thicker, and the cuffs should be solid red), but if you look at the brief live action segment from the show's opening, this is the exact jacket the actor is wearing. So HA! Originally, the belt was cut from a large piece of faux leather and the holster is stitched together based on the size and shape of the Nintendo Zapper. I went for a low-slung holster, mainly modeled after Han Solo's gun belt. It's not exactly that way in the Captain N cartoon, but it's more practical. The belt has since been upgraded, using actual leather belt parts. (Thanks to Kiarrens for making the belt!) The holster is still the same, and a snap was added to the left side so the Power Glove can be slung when I'm not wearing it. The Power Pad is an actual Nintendo controller that I gutted and is now attached with snaps and acts as the true belt buckle. To emulate the power gauge on the controller, I used colored plastic studs. I've always wanted to have them glow, or oscillate, or something, but I could never figure out how. The gun is an actual Nintendo Zapper, also gutted. The N on the jacket is cut from a piece of white felt and a piece of black felt, and stitched to the jacket. Originally, the N was blue, based off of my poor memory of the cartoon. It wasn't until the the show was released on DVD that I saw that it was black. Everything else is pretty basic. The yellow t-shirt is exactly that and the jeans are as basic as they come. (I've seen cosplayers with yellow turtlenecks instead of t-shirts, but it's debatable which one he actually wears) Having a pair of New Balance sneakers adds a fun little element, since they have an N on the sides. All in all, I love the costume, and those who recognize it love it too.
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