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Cosplayer Himura > Costume of D (Vampire Hunter D)

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Vampire Hunter D
Special Variation:
Manga / Original
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Honorable Mention Craftsmanship at Ohayocon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Some important details: The bodysuit is made of 4-way stretch laminated spandex, the pants and gloves were made out of 4-way stretch vinyl and the pants feature piping that was custom made in the center front seam. My girlfriend Hime no Toki sewed all the pieces for the costume, including the cape which is made of silk taffeta fabric and lined with Casa satin, there are 21 triangles appliqued along the bottom and satin stitched (embroidered) around the edges. The scarf was made by individually pinning, sewing, and pressing 2" wide stripes together - there are a total of 152 stripes and a grand total of 20 feet if you count the front and back. The necklaces were hand-strung, the pendant is casted out of clear acrylic resin and glow in the dark powder was added in during the casting process so the pendant glows in the dark, as D's pendant glows. The hat was made by modifying a fedora, the brim was made out of dyed leather, patterned out and sewed together along the edges with wax thread, which took around 15 hours to do. I did the sewing while Hime handled the rest. Sword is made out of balsa wood, mostly hand-sanded with some work done with a dremel and an orbit sander, coated in fiberglass resin and painted with Rustoleum paints and some aging was done to the blade. The sword work was done by me. Belts are made out of real leather hide, edgecoated and slicked and painted with Angelus paints. The gems were rivetted in, and the silver detail on the chest belt was made using leather that was leather bonded on before painting. I did the rivetting and buckle work, as well as slicking the leather while Hime did the rest. Wig styled by Hime no Toki. All resin casting done by her, as well, which includes the pieces on the glove bands and waist belt, and the two blue gems on the chest belt, and the ones on the hat ornament. Paperclay was used for the armor spikes, pendant backing and hat ornament backing. The shoulder armor is made of boiled leather and painted and sealed, which I did the work for. I also made under-armor which gave definition like D has, by making Spartan-style armor out of leather, which required wetforming it on a mannequin with scalding hot water and setting it with a heat gun, a painful and time consuming process. The mangaka Saiko Takaki described this is the style of armor she imagines D wears, so we wanted to incorporate it into the costume. Hime added in some Amano elements, with the beaded necklaces, and inspired hat ornament and triangles on the cape as Amano uses this element in much of his D artwork.
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