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Hi everyone! My name is Ben but I go by UbersCosplay or TemjinTBW for my costume work. As you might have noticed my costumes aren't what you might typically expect. I specialize in giant robot costumes and oversized props.

I have been making mecha costumes since 2011. While I don't have as many costumes under my belt as many other costume creators, each one of my suits has been bigger, more advanced and much more challenging to create than the last. I always strive to challenge myself and learn new skills with each project.

I occasionally host cosplay panels at conventions with the goal of introducing more people to large size armor and prop work. I have been very fortunate to meet and compete with many talented costumers. I am mostly active in Florida but occasionally I am able to travel to shows further away.

Over the years I have won numerous "Best in Show" awards in Florida. In 2015 I received a judges award at Momocon from the esteemed propmaker Volpin. In 2016 I was honored to win "Best Armor" at the first ever CosplayGen Awards show in Davos Switzerland.

I am always happy to talk with other costumers and provide advice or information. If you have any questions please reach out to me on my Facebook @ Uberscosplay or send me an email @ Uberscosplay@gmail.com

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