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When did I first start costuming? One could say it was way back as a child, one of my first costumes being Link himself, standing there freezing my hylian tail off on Halloween in a pair of biker shorts, a giant green t-shirt, brown turtle neck, and a plastic sword and shield at the tender age of...lord, 6 or 7. 88 or so, the cartoons hadn't even started airing yet. Ah, good times. Around 1999, 2000, that was when I got more into it, and I got introduced to cosplay within the next year for my first con, which was NDK 2001. The next year was when I pieced together my first recreation costume of Duo Maxwell, and from there it's just grown to include a personal variation of Link, Inuyasha, Ed Elric, Dante Sparda, Anakin Skywalker, and now a definite focus on Link after spending four months on my Skyward Sword version that made me realize which character I honestly have more fun with.

Will it end? Not likely, especially when my girlfriend just encourages me in it.

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