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Yo I'm Mousse, I don't have that many cosplays but I hope to expand my collection in the near future. My first cosplay ever was Guts from Berserk when he went to assassinate Julius at Anime Detour 2009, there are some photos floating around the internet, though the only part of that costume I actually liked was the sword. Now I have Sweden from Axis Power Hetalia and Ieyasu Tokugawa from Sengoku Basara 3 (so far only casual but full costume is in the works). I'm a herpaderp person mainly at cons. I like to make wooden prop weapons for cosplay, already outfitting several of my friends, mainly Hetalia weapons, and I'm always striving to improve my work. I like to read the occasional tome of literature, mainly fiction, though I'm usually distracted by the hundreds of mangas available on the internets. I'm current co-VGR head for NoBrandcon though my main passion lies more towards organizing potential Nerf combat events.

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neoangelwink says, "nice work ^^"
For Sweden / Berwald Oxenstierna from Axis Powers Hetalia