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I'm sort of a casual cosplayer nowadays. I don't really do a lit of outfits every con I go to, but I usually like having one main one that I wear. Cosplays that I tend to do are mostly the rare ones that almost no one ever does, and that everyone can appreciate.

I usually get help with making my cosplay outfits because I am not skilled at sewing, but in exchange for the help I get from my friends I usually make them props for the characters they do. I do mostly weapons and other oddly shaped props, but no clothing based ( i.e no armor).

But yeah I like making super awesome props. Big dream would be to build a boat

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PhantomAri says, "I don't want to open you but you have better drops than normal treasure chests! D:"
For Mimic from Dark Souls
Shii Arisugawa says, "YES THIS IS BEAUTIFUL."
For Mimic from Dark Souls
Dandelionswish says, "yay King Kazma! I never thought I would of seen this cosplayed! Love photo #2"
For King Kazma from Summer Wars
Admyr says, "Thanks!! I saw your picture on your profile, and remembered that you were apart of the Hetalia gathering. Haha! What a coincidence because I am friends with Valerie (aka: Esvee) the one who cosplayed China in your group"
For King Kazma from Summer Wars
imariyumiki says, "You were amazing! :D Great work~~"
For King Kazma from Summer Wars