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Well hi there! As my user name implies, I go by Mr. Robot on the internet. I'm a college student studying computer science, and I like to do the things that being on a site like this implies I like to do.

I've been cosplaying since late 2006, but despite that and the fact I haven't be able to afford a brand new costume in a couple of years (No point in dishing out for a costume if you can't then afford a convention, lol), pictures of my costumes tend to be few and not very good. One day I will get some decent pictures of all of my costumes, but for now, all I've got is what I find on the internet and quick cell phone pictures just for the sake of having one. Sad but true, I'm afraid... T.T

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Cainage says, "Ahhh... so you made this costume yourself hm? Well then, that makes it all the more impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your crossplays... that is if you intend to do anymore, of course."
For Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
MrRobot says, "Thanks! Actually, I did make what I have pictures of. The first time I cosplayed Mercury I had gotten something off of eBay, but then I made my own for the next time and retired the other. =)"
For Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Cainage says, "For something you bought off E-Bay, it does look quite nice. Then again, I've always been partial to blue, and Mercury has always stood out as the non-boycrazy part of the Inners. Certainly a change from your Gundam-inspired costumes, but I will say it fits you nicely. Doesn't hurt that you have that you have curves, either."
For Eternal Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars