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Some of you know me from anime conventions. Some of you know me as "that guy from California who goes to every con." Others as "that mysterious cosplayer on YouTube." But really, who is J. Ryoga? Well I'll tell you...

I'm the Valor Form you eat lunch with.

I'm the Wisdom Form you take pictures with.

I'm the Master Form you walk around Chicago with.

I'm the Final Form you do epic battle with.

No, I'm Me, And You're Toast!

I have 7 Days.

I'm the Star Blitzball Player for the Zanarkand Abes.

I'm working for "Strife Delivery Service."

I'm a Viking or a Bengal, depending on who you ask. Dattebayo.

I'm Sora's best friend, only in Tripp clothes.

I'm the Gamer with the Keyblade, riding your Disneyland rides.

Mine is the drill that points to the heavens!

I'm an avenger whose here to revive my clan.

I'm the 6th Hokage of your Leaf Village.

I'm the Sage beating down your Akatsuki.

I'm the Sage of your Prom Gathering.

I'm the Hero of Time that saves your kingdom.

I'm the Yellow Turbaned peasant leading your rebellion.

I'm the WWE Champion and the leader of Legacy.


I'm going to find The One.

I'm not afraid of the darkness.

I'm Tiger Woods. I don't lose the game.

Where on Earth am I now?

Well Sora, it looks like my summer vacation's over.

I'm the Perfect Soldier, the Wing to your Gundam.

I'm #17.

I'm the Agent hunting down...Mr. Anderson.

I'm still the hyperactive ninja you know and love, only a little older and a little wiser.

Blue Is The Colour,

Cosplay Is The Game.

We're All Together,

And Winning Is My Aim.

So Cheer Me On Through The Sun And Rain,

'Cos J. RYOGA Is My Name.

Yeah, I'm that guy. Any questions?

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