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Greetings folks! I normally go by the handle of "Ichnob" (pronounced itch'-nobb) wherever I post online. I'm a member of the Los Angeles based Suupaa Kaizoku Cosplay group that primarily focuses on One Piece cosplay, though I do enjoy branching out into other things. While I do enjoy cosplaying and have been for a few years, I still feel like a novice, but enjoy learning new tricks and techniques for my cosplay that I will gladly share if asked.

My current goal is to make it to the big non-California conventions at least once in my lifetime to meet some of the great cosplayers I've seen only online. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Countess Lenore says, "The coat turned out great!"
For Donquixote Doflamingo from One Piece
kiopan says, "Eiji!! I've found you! Let's trade pictures from Fanime :) You were amazing."
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