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Hi! Nice to meet you. Like most ... err ... all of you ... I'm an anime fan and cosplayer. I've been wearing costumes since 2002. My usual haunts are So Cal cons and events. Thanks!

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rachelrenee16 says, "This is so cool! My 3 yr old is obsessed with Lightning and I have a few questions about your custome . . . can you please contact me? rachelwhiteaker@gmail.com Thanks so much!"
For Lightning McQueen from Cars
White Rose Assassin says, "Didn't know you and Fer did these versions! Looks awesome. Makes me wanna bring Karen back..."
For Sorata Arisugawa from X/1999
Radical Dreamer says, "Excelent Gambit, my friend. How does it feel to be one of the only two Gambit players on the site? Oh, and how did you do your face thing. I couldn't get one right. Had to scuttle the idea."
For Gambit from X-Men
cherryteagirl says, "awesome Gijinka cosplay!! props to the green hair!"
For Roselia from Pokemon
Billybooze says, "Hell yeah! best mutant ever! nice job on the costume =^w^="
For Gambit from X-Men