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Hey everyone! My name is Tim and I have been cosplaying since 2004. I've come all the way from straight up goodwill cosplay to enrolling in fashion school for my love of casual fashion and costumes.

I love hugs (not the free kind, ew) and friends. I hope we can meet someday!

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drboliver says, "Looks so gooooood"
For Mako from Legend of Korra, The
Narnian says, "Fantastic Brera!"
For Brera Sterne from Macross Frontier
TATTO says, "WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH TIM THIS IS JUST AMAZING. you rock so hard! I want to be epic cape pokemons with you someday!"
For Raikou from Pokemon
CeruleanDraco says, "OMG YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! *regrets not having entei* ToT"
For Raikou from Pokemon
Pisara says, "You're a great Kiba! <3 "
For Kiba Inuzuka from Naruto